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    Ink Junkie Promotional Models Are Hired To Generate Demand For Company, Products, Services, Or Brands. Direct Interaction With Potential Clients Is One Of The Keys To Success. Ink Junkie Uses Promotional Models To Attract New Customers And Increase Interest In Your Goods Or Services.

    Ink Junkie Models Models Are Excellent At Interacting With Consumers And Communicating Brand Value

    - Car Show Models
    - Promotional Model
    - Fitness Model
    - Street Team
    - Beverage Model

Doing Things The Write Way

Advance Your Brand

Ink Junkie Models Can Be Staffed For Merchandising And Print Materials, Entertainment Marketing And Promotional Activities. When Reflecting Your Company’s Image, Hiring Ink Junkie Is An Excellent Choice. We Have A Variety Of Inked Beauties For The Perfect Alignment With Your Message. Promotional Girls, For Example, Will Usually Promote Products At A Consumer Event, While Bikini Models Can Be Used To Promote A Fun And Flirty Image.

-Brand Model
-Car Show Model
-Street Team
-Promotional Model

Ink Junkie Models Will Gain Attention While Allowing Brand Increased Exposure. Promotions Are An Important Part Of The Marketing Mix And Enable Brands To Get Out In Front Of Their Targeted Audience With Positive Engagements

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We Are A One Of A Kind Digital Marketing And Branding Agency. Our First-Hand Experience Implementing Marketing And Promotions For Various Brands, Our Experience Carries Over To Our Clients. Feel Free To Receive The Best Event Experience.

-Paid Modeling
-Free PhotoShoot
-Paid Street Team
-Paid Promotional Campaigns

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DJ Einstein "The Mad Scientist"

DJ Einstein

DJ Einstein Is The Most Motivated In America And Has Been At The Connection Of Music, Fashion, And Street Life For A Number Of Years. He Has Been The Go-To Deejay For Your Favorite Music And Entertainment. He Is Recognized As The Energy Mogul, Street Urban Icon, Social Trendsetter, And A Street Promotional Leader

DJ Power

DJ Power

DJ Power's Career Is The Culmination Of A Lifetime Of Determination, Observation, Dedication And Hard Work. DJ Power Has A Vast Knowledge of Music And Promotions. His Approach To Music And Music Production Is Parallel To Those Who Are Thoroughly Respected. Guided Off Of Power Principles This DJ Is Destined For Power Moments!

DJ Angel

DJ Angel

DJ Angel Represents The Evolution Of Expression And Stands Out In The Music World. Her Physical Beauty Generates An Alarming Curiosity However Her Open-Minded Experimentation Within Music Is What Gains Her Respect. She Is On A Quest For Musical Truth And To Play An Amazing Body Of Work From The Latest And Greatest Artists. Described As A Trendsetter DJ Angel Is Floating Like A Halo.

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